Charging the airstrip, markup repair, correction of a section of the access road and other works at the Ivujivik airport
$ 5 247 000

The Ivujivik Airport is the northernmost airport in Quebec. The runway measures 1,190 m by 50 m. The mandate was to load the runway completely with crushed granular material. More than 60,000 t of gravel was manufactured for the project by our blasting and crushing teams. In addition, all the runway edge lights were replaced, including underground power cables and various control panels inside the main building. Finally, a motorized barrier with horizontal automatic positioning, including a snow cover, was installed.

The path connecting the airport to the Inuit community of Ivujivik also underwent specific corrections. The slope of the road was softened, a clay geomembrane was installed upstream of the culverts to prevent water from flowing under the road, thus preserving the integrity of the permafrost. Road drainage was improved by installing culverts and improving the side ditches. An experimental surface treatment project was also executed as part of the project.

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