About Us

Construction Gély Inc. is a company whose mission it is to provide engineering and construction services in Nunavik, an area of Quebec located north of the 55th parallel.

Henri Gélinas, the current president, holds a degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Laval University (1965). In 1972, after a few years as an employee of the Ministère des Transports, Henri strong entrepreneurial spirit led him to found the company with the help of trusted partners such as his wife Clémence and his three brothers Gérard, Jean-Claude and Armand. Their first order of business is to acquire the operating rights to a quarry in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures and the supply of aggregates in the Quebec City region. In subsequent years, the company increased its product range with the acquisition of two more sandpits on Quebec City's south shore.

In 1975, Construction Gély Inc. acknowledged its primary mission as a general contractor. Its first projects involved working on bridges and sections of road, all within 200 km of Quebec City. The company expanded geographically in the 1980's, operating in the Basse-Côte-Nord, Gaspésie, and the Magdalen Islands. It was at this turning point that the company discovered its unique ability to serve more remote areas.

Using its position, the company invested significantly in paving the runway of the airport in Kuujjuaq in 1985. There would be no return to the south. The company is consolidated. In 1986, the management team's mission and vision is confirmed with the construction of 22 new homes in the Inuit village of Inukjuak.

A product of the family values held by its founders, the company's corporate culture aims to immerse employees in the values that give Construction Gély Inc. its competitive edge. Senior managers promote RESPECT for the environment and workers, CONSCIOUS awareness of actions and their consequences, RIGOUR in the application of processes and good work practices, and a spirit of COLLABORATION between internal and external partners. Finally, managers and employees alike agree on the importance of LOYALTY in ensuring continued value for everyone. 

The company offers a unique expertise that is essential to northern projects. Its track record is impressive in terms of the number and diversity of projects. Building a multidisciplinary organization over more than 40 years cannot be achieved without services suited to the customers! This refinement in business incorporates all phases of projects such as land and air logistics, training the workforce, managing a large fleet of machinery and several camps located in Nunavik, thus securing the supply and competitive edge of Construction Gély Inc.